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Seal Coating Checklist 

KT Sealcoating applies these steps to every driveway to ensure the best quality results

1. Edge The DriveWay


We power edge the driveway between the asphalt and the lawn to ensure we seal 100% of your driveway.
2. Power Clean The Driveway


We use steel wire brooms and high powered blowers to clean the surface to sealed. This process removes all dirt and debris.
3. Crack And Joint Filling


Rubber is heated to 400 degrees. This is then applied into cracks over 1/8 inch  and the joints in between the garage, sidewalks and the street.  This keeps water and moisture out.

Rubber is heated to 400 degrees and 




4. Oil Spot Primer


We prime petroleum damaged spots with an oil spot primer. Allowing our sealant to adhere to the asphalt.
5. Seal The Driveway


We carefully apply our custom blend sealmaster  Polymer-Modified MasterSeal sealer mix with 3 pounds per gallon on to the driveway. We use apply using a special applicator brush on smaller driveways, large driveways we may spray.
6. Barricade The Driveway


We block off the driveway with cation tape. This should be kept up for 24 hours while the sealant cures. 
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